[English Follows] 4月17日、熊本市南区にある熊本市立川尻小学校を訪問させていただきました。


[Kumamoto Earthquake Support]

JISP Country Director visits Kawashiri elemntary school in Minami Ku, Kumamoto city, to meet with the teachers of “Special-Support Class”.

Kawashiri is a port-town. The town prospered throughout the years, with artisans creating tubs and cutlery.

Traditional buildings still remain across the town, but Kawashiri suffered great damage in the Kumamoto earthquake.

Many kids were affected by the earthquake last year.

On April 17, JISP Country Director met with teachers of the “Special Support Class” to discuss ways to alleviate the stress of the kids.

Scheduled to being in June, JISP will implement mental-care workshops at the school.

JISP members look forward to meeting with the kids !