[English Follows] アーチャナ・チャドへリーは、JISPが実施中のネパール洪水緊急支援の現地スタッフで、心理社会的支援の専門性も有しています。




[ Nepal Relief project ]

Archana Chaudhary, with a psychosocial background, is one of JISP’s locally hired staff in our project “Emergency WASH Intervention for Saptari District”, and her responsibility is to visit each beneficiary household to distribute water filters and hygiene KITs, and to provide explanations to ensure that each beneficiary understands the correct usage of them. In Saptari, majority of people speak Maithili language, one of the many ethnic languages of Nepal. We are lucky enough to have Archana in our team, because there are very few people from the Maithili community who have the experience of psycho-social support. To date, she has visited more than 60 households, distributing filters, and providing psychosocial support where needed, enhancing the effectiveness of our project to support the natural disaster victims. We feel so proud to welcome her in JISP family!


*This emergency mission is funded by the Japan Platform

JISP maintains its activity thanks to donations from different people and organizations.

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