[English Follows] サプタリ洪水被災者支援の続報です。10/11にJISPと現地協力団体団体IsraAIDネパールのチームは、カトマンズから9時間かけて陸路でサプタリに移動しました。


[Nepal Relief Project]
On the 11th Oct, a team of JISP staff and our local partner IsraAID Nepal drove from Kathmandu to Saptari, a 9 hours-long drive, and transported the filters and buckets which are used as part of the filtration system, as well as the hygiene kits.

Today, we conducted technical sessions for the newly hired local staff, and officials of the local government and health post. Once the training is completed, the team will be visiting each beneficiary household, in order to set up the filtration system and provide guidance on hygiene management.