[English Follows] JISPは今年の8月に起こった大規模洪水で被害を被ったネパールのサプタリ郡で水衛生緊急支援を行っています。支援にあたっては、提携団体のイスラエイド・ネパールと協力しています。





[Nepal Emergency Relief]

JISP, in cooperation with our alliance partner IsraAID, will provide water sanitation relief in Saptari, Nepal, an area which was heavily affected by the floods that hit the country last August.

The water filters will be distributed in one of Nepal’s poorest region, where poor water sanitation conditions have already led to the spread of infectious diseases.

Earlier today, JISP members and local partners have undergone a professional training in various aspects of the mission (see the photos below).

This relief operation – funded by the Japan Platform – aims to assure that the local population have the tools operate the water filters and improve their health condition for years to come.

JISP maintains its activity thanks to donations from different people and organizations. We wish to thank you in your continued support!