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[Report from Tohoku]

During a visit to a temporary shopping district in the heavily affected town of Kesennuma, we met Mr. Sakmoto Masato, an associate director at the local shopping district.

Mr. Sakamoto told us that the temporary shopping district will be closed at the end of April: while some of the shops will move to a newly constructed shopping-area, some shop owners hesitate to set up their stores because of dwindling number of costumers and the population aging in this area.

Since the disaster, and together with volunteers and his staff, Sakamoto-san has been continuously engaged in the activities of the district.

Whereas the new shopping district was constructed in proximity to the disaster public-housing, Mr. Sakamoto tells us that, “there is the issue of community building, since the new residents come from different places.”

JISP is considering the possibility of providing community building support in Kesennuma city.