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「私の夢は老人ホームを設立することです。‘Home Sweet Home’ は、人々がストレスや無力感に対処することができ、あたかも今までの人生を過ごしたかのように感じられる場所です。



E-meet Anmol Shrestha, an 18 years old from Bhaktapur.

Alnmol has 7 sisters, all married. Recently he

has been staying with his 4th sister. He was with her parents

watching TV when the earth started shaking. The house

collapsed and they three were buried under the rubble. When they were rescued, he was alive but learned that his own parents perished in the earthquake.

Alnmol plays in a music group and he likes sports.

“I expect to learn how to cope with different situations I would face in the future.I want to have leadership qualities.”

“My dream is to establish an old-age home. The ‘Home Sweet Home’ will be a place where people can cope with their stress, dullness, where they feel like they have yet to live entire their life. I want to create such an environment where old-age people who are discarded from their family feel like it is their family over here. Those people would have some of their dreams fulfilled.”

Alnmol shared that he had only traveled once with his parents during his childhood days. He misses hisparents; as they were old he feels that he did not get enough time to care for them.”