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JISPはインターナショナルスタッフの後援により、この配給活動に関わりました。72人の片親家庭(ほとんどが、イスラム国によって夫を殺されたシングルマザー)を受益者とし、合計253人の人々に物資が届けられました。冬用の服、コート、靴、靴下を主に、おしめや衛生用品の配給を行いました。この配布活動は、ヤジディー教の”Fasting for God”と呼ばれる3日間の休日の1日目に開催されましたが、ローカルパートナーの” Joint Help for Kurdistan”の協力もあり、スムーズに行われました。  


[JISP Representative Director reports from North Iraq]

Ms. Mayumi Yoshida is on a needs-assessment mission in North Iraq, where she is exploring ways to assist Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the Kurdistan region.

“We had a small distribution activity at a Yazidi camp called Bajed Qandala Camp located North-Western of Dohuk.”

The camp was established in 2014 after the genocide of Yazidis by IS which took place 2014. The camp receives limited support from larger organizations and people live in isolated conditions in a remote area.

JISP was involved in this distribution activity with support from our international staff. The distribution targetted 72 single parents’ families (mostly single mothers whose husbands have been killed by IS) for a total of 253 individuals.

Packages included winter clothes, coats, shoes and socks. Diapers and hygiene items were also provided. The distribution went smoothly due to the efforts of a local partner “Joint Help for Kurdistan” and because it was on the first day of a 3-days holiday period for the Yazidi “the fasting for God”.

Ms. Yoshida will meet local stakeholders in the next few days and further explore the area.

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