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[Nepal : Emergency WASH Intervention for Saptari District, Nepal]

~Intern Reports 1~

JISP dispatched 4 interns to Saptari area. All four have participated in the Nepal Disaster Specialist Education Program (NDSEP, founded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

How did they find the field?

“For the first time as JISP interns, the four of us went to Saptari to monitor the WASH project in two different villages : Shakarapura & Koiladi. People over here hardly manage to live, struggling with their everyday lives. Their farmland and houses have been badly affected by the devastating floods. After JISP distributed filters to ensure safe drinking water, people’s lives became slightly easier, as they started to drink safe water. I found that the filters are being used appropriately by the majority of the people. They are using it for drinking and cooking purpose. I can see that people over here are illiterate and lack awareness about health and hygiene issues. Their main struggle is how to survive. They asked us about other type of support such as food and shelter. I am so glad to hear from them that this type of project helped them to overcome diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera etc.”

Gyanmani Dhakal

“Working as a Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) intern from Japan IsraAid Support Programme (JISP) under the project “Emergency WASH Intervention in Saptari District” has been both exciting and rewarding for me. Through this experience, I had a chance to visit the Madhesi families who live in the South-eastern part of Nepal where I had never been to. I visited households affected by the floods and saw their situation through my own eyes. As I have been interested in Research and M & E of disaster projects for a while now, this opportunity has provided me with many insights. I also learnt about WASH kits, filter system and emergency interventions during disaster.”

Rajesh Bhusal

*This emergency mission is funded by the Japan Platform

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