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 御船町学童保育所 夏休みサポートボランティアに参加してくださった、千葉大学看護学部の瀬戸葵さんによるレポートです。





Seto Aoi, a nursing students from Chiba University, shares some thoughts after her volunteer experience with JISP at the nursery school in Mifune Town, Kumamoto.

“I joined the volunteer team for 5 days, spending time both at the volunteer center and at the temporary houses. Before going to Kumamoto, I didn’t know much about the area and honestly, I wasn’t sure there was anything I could be of help with. But soon after I arrived there, I realized that was not the case.

One morning, we went to the volunteer center. On the way there, I was surprised to see that still some houses weren’t tidied up. After joining the clean-up of one house, the person living there thanked us and said : ‘Although I often thought that I had to tidy-up the house, It was difficult to do so as I a felt quite depressed. After receiving all the volunteers’ help, I feel more positive. Thank you. I will never forget this sense of gratitude.’

We heard similar words at the temporary houses, when people thanked us and said : ‘just by knowing that everyone haven’t forgotten us makes us happy. It gives us strength.’

The recovery process is very much from now on. I felt there is much need for a helping hand in Kumamoto.”

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